Phyllis S. Shulman, Ph.D.
Marriage and Family Therapist

149 Evelyn Way, San Francisco, CA 94127 • Telephone (415) 731-4724 • Fax (415) 665-5454 •

My approach to psychotherapy stems from a passionate commitment to the process of self-discovery. It entails working to create a space with each person in which feelings and worries can be named and articulated; deeply held troubles—traumatic histories and conflicts—can come to light, be examined and explored; and hope along with ideas for change can be generated. Through attuned listening, fragmented bits can be woven into lines of thought which over time become the shape of a personal and useful story. Treatment combines developing insights into unconsciously held beliefs and finding strategies for coping with life stresses.

* With individual adults and adolescents: depression and anxiety; problems stemming from recent trauma or childhood abuse; significant life changes; desire to improve current reality or sense of self.

* With couples and families: improving communication; establishing boundaries; awareness of the impact of original families on current relationships.

* With children: play therapy and developing coping skills in dealing with difficult changes, trauma or loss; school problems and troubles with peers.

* With parents: collateral sessions to share insights and to trouble-shoot solutions.